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Ready to dig deeper? Scroll down to check out these resources to further your knowledge and source equipment

Safer, Healthier Alternatives to Glyphosates:

Did you know that there are safer, healthier alternatives to using pesticides and herbicides in your garden or lawn?

Check this out!

Plant Exchange Locations

Need plants or looking for a location to offload your excess? Here is a list of donation locations (see "Seeds and Plants" to the right).

We normally hold seed-exchanges annually in and around Casa Grande, Arizona with in-person events. This has been impacted by Covid-19 throughout 2020, and 2021. These are typically announced on the Facebook page. 

Our Facebook group is the single best way to coordinate seed and plant drop locations with each other in the group, which does not need in-person contact at all.

Soil and Supplies

Looking for bulk soil, compost, mulch or fertilizers? Try "chip-drop", or contact Dan:

Since "Chip-drop" is still a relatively new phenomenon in Casa Grande, Arizona, and not a whole lot of landscape companies do it in Pinal County, Isa's Garden Charities is constantly trying to arrange them through local landscape companies to drop them at your driveways. Mulch is the single best method for growing your gardens and food forests in the Sonoran Desert, and must be reapplied annually until you have a regenerative, deciduous, growing soil ecosystem in your yard.

Seeds and Plants

Not finding what you're looking for at any local swaps? We have compiled a list of some local resources for free seeds in Casa Grande, Arizona:

FREE SEEDS are available at:

1. Vista Grande library

2. The Roller Derby community garden free seed box located at 798 N. Picacho st in C G.

3. Strongtower church free seed box (southside of parking lot, south of the open orchard swale, under the big gum tree) located at 1867 N. Trekell Rd. in C.G.

4. Seeds of Hope seed stand at the First Presbyterian Church 702 E Cottonwood in C.G.

5. or by emailing me:


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