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A Virtual Community Garden | Isa's Garden Charities | Casa Grande


About Us

Isa's Garden Charities is a veteran-founded 501(c)3 non-profit organization and virtual community garden based out of Casa Grande, AZ. We have created an open access exchange site for our members to obtain new plants simply by exchanging it for their excess seeds, plants, trees, scions, or cuttings. 


We are here to empower you, the member participant of the community garden to propagate plants that may already exist within your own backyard as well as any newly acquired seeds or cuttings in in order to take charge of your food security.

At Isa's Garden Charities we believe everyone has the right to know how to grow their own food as it is the best defense against famine.


 Our Services

  • Plant and seed exchange

  • Educational resources

  • Mentorship

  • Free classes

  • Workshops

  • Facebook group

Seed Exchanges

Seeds exchanges can happen anywhere. Sometimes, these gatherings can happen on farms, where you can interact with the rich biodiversity that begins our food chain. Seed exchanges can happen at churches, or impromptu settings. The point is, there is no limit to where, when, and how we can collectively gather to share food in its fundamental seed form. Seed exchanges are important social exchanges of ideas, seeds, plants, knowledge, and phone numbers. This way, each of us can become a strong, socially tight cohesive unit that forms the social mastic that holds society together.

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