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The best way for you to get involved in our mission is to live it out. We teach you valuable skills at plant propagation, so you too can share them with others in an effort to combat both climate change and world hunger. When you share plants, people will ask you how you propagated them. Pay it forward, and empower them as you have been empowered.

Tel: 520-431-2447


Become a Sponsor

We accept corporate sponsorship to help us empower others. Our community of growers can benefit from seed money, seeds, soil, garden supplies, stamps, mailing envelopes, and labor. If your corporation would like to sponsor us, reach out to us to ask us how by contacting Dan:

Help us help Casa Grande, by empowering us to empower others. If you need an example of how we help others, then follow us on Facebook:


The best volunteer is the one who multiplies their own plants at home from plants that they already possess. You can build a currency with the plants you create, and share them with others in the group to build "social capital". This revolutionary twist with "volunteerism" changes with empowerment, and you become the agent of change with the skills you build.

Other volunteers can receive bags of seeds from me to freely distribute to others (friends, neighbors, strangers) in an effort to help lift others up and teach them how to grow their own food. The more people we have growing in our network of friends, opens up greater seed varieties to each of us within the group.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about our program contact us below.

Any donations made to "Isa's Garden Charities" are tax-deductible. Be sure to specify in the remarks section of any checks what you want your donation to go towards. For example:

1. free-seed fund

2. tree planting event

3. operational costs

4. general fund

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Tel: 520-431-2447

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640 E Palo Verde St

Casa Grande, AZ. 85122

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