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Food is Free

Free seed exchanges allow each of us to unite for a common cause - to ensure that adequate food resources are continuously available to each of us for free, all the time!

Free seed Exchanges can be everywhere!

There is a free seed exchange today, March 4th at Vista Grande library!

1556 N Arizola Rd, Casa Grande at 10:00am!

Come sift through some free seeds to take home and grow!

Isa's Garden Charities is part of a larger syndicate network of friends who know and understand what it means to grow and sustain a network of free food. Nature is already naturally abundant, and seeds are already naturally abundant. All we have to do is watch, observe, and listen to nature in its element. When each of us in our group harvests seeds from our garden, we are participating in a much larger phenomenon that food can be free. When we take the time to collect seeds from our plants, we know that each seed we collect will go to a new gardener who is eager to learn how to grow plants for their family. This latent power exists within our country, and when the people know how to grow their own food, then a country is strong.

This image is an example of what anyone can do, and Isa's Garde4n Charities inspires you to create and sustain your own free seed community gatherings to occur regularly throughout our country, and the world. Once we are able to feed ourselves, then there will no longer be any famine.


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